At the end of May 2022, John-Richard Vietnam Company and SOL E&C signed a cooperation agreement on the construction of a new furniture factory in Binh Duong province. The program featured Mr. Antony Maitland Smith - General Director of John-Richard Vietnam, Mr. Le Chi Trung - General Director of SOL E&C and representatives of vendors.


Mr. Antony Maitland Smith (right) and Mr. Le Chi Trung (left) signed the LOI

Established in 1980, John-Richard is one of America's leading furniture brands. They have a great number of factories and offices located in many countries such as India, China and Vietnam, and have built a global network of suppliers. Identifying Vietnam as a potential country in business development, in 2007, John-Richard invested and operated a production base in Thuan An city. The new plant will take an important part in increasing the company's productivity and provide the market with many quality product lines. The new factory will be deployed and operated with high environmental standards, saving energy and creating a healthy working space for employees.

With proven construction capacity through many industrial house projects with major clients such as Uniben Binh Duong Factory, Vifon Hai Duong Factory, factory cluster in BDIP Binh Duong Industrial Park and Swan Smart Logistics Long An, SOL E&C was chosen as the partner of John-Richard in building, upgrading, finishing and installing electromechanical systems for 04 workshops. The project is expected to be put into operation in the last quarter of 2022.

In addition, the project also features IntES Co., Ltd (IntES) - a multidisciplinary engineering enterprise participating in a variety of projects in many countries around the world. With the extensive knowledge and expertise of its staff, IntES accompanies customers in a wide range of industries such as chemical, oil and gas and F&B. Since its foundation, IntES has demonstrated its capacity for professionalism, efficiency and innovation in performing engineering and construction management services.

During the signing program, Mr. Antony Maitland Smith - General Director of John-Richard Vietnam gave thanks to the SOL E&C team for accompanying the company from the early stages of the project, and at the same time, expressed his beliefs that the cooperation would bring the best quality to the factory and put it into operation on schedule.

Responding to the trust from John-Richard Company, Mr. Le Chi Trung - General Director of SOL E&C committed to operate the project professionally, meeting international standards.

The cooperation agreement will be a solid stepping stone for the long-term cooperation relationship between John-Richard and SOL E&C.