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SOL E&C always expects that the company will become a place of work where all employees work on a long-term basis and bring highest income to employees. Therefore, we strive to create an open and transparent working environment that offers chances for all members to have the best conditions and opportunities to work together and contribute to the development of SOL E&C. From managerial levels to every employee, we are committed to continuing to maintain the title of the best workplace in Vietnam in the construction industry.


 Over the past years, we have continually improved the working environment and working conditions for all officers and staff members to experience maximum comfort while working at SOL E&C. Joining SOL E&C, you will be amazed at a young, dynamic, enthusiastic, confident and especially friendly and harmonious team. The working environment at SOL E&C is always full of "passion", very energetic and creates conditions for each officer and staff member to have opportunities to affirm and develop their capacity to full potential.


 At SOL E&C, the wage policy is built based on the works assigned and the work peformance:

- Periodically during the year, the Company will consider the work performance of all officers and staff members as a basis for salary increase through the evaluation of direct managers.

- In addition to salary, the Company also considers appropriate bonus to encourage employees’ work spirit.


 Opportunities for development and promotion are equal to all SOL E&C employees, regardless of age, educational level or relationship. Therefore, at SOL E&C, your future of career development is clear and open to each individual


 Working at SOL E&C, you will have opportunities to join social activities such as visiting and giving gifts to poor children in centers inside and outside the city, visiting families subject to special social policies, assisting people suffered from storms and floods, etc. Diverse voluntary activities are seen as the way SOL E& expresses corporate responsibility to help miserable people to have better life.

At SOL E&C, we fully aware of the importance of human resources in respect of our company existence and development. That's why SOL E&C continuously keep perfecting HR policies of welfares, with the hope that the employees feel secure and desire to work for a long term. We attach importance to building up a system of salary, bonus, welfare and treatment which is suitable to each period and each stage of development, ensure flexibility, equity with the employees’ contribution and devotion levels and competition level in the market.

Along with the attractive salary, bonus and allowance policy, SOL E&C benefits also pay special attention to the spiritual life of employees and their family.

SOL E&C is one of the construction companies having the best welfare on the market today with a wide range of benefits:

1. Policy to buy health care insurance and 24/24 accident insurance for employees.

2. Bonus policy for employees' children on International Children's Day.

3. Tour program for employees and relatives.

4.  for employees

5. Policy to take care of employees' life: birthday gifts, Lunar New Year gifts, International Women's Day, wedding gifts, visiting ...

6. Lunch allowance, business trip allowance, telephone fee, fuel ...

7. For employees working far away, they are entitled to travel allowance (train / plane).


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