Along with the Construction business, SOL E&C develops the business of Designing and Build of MEP, which brings the cleverest and competent combination in the same bidding package undertaken by the General Contractor. This will lead to the smoothest implementation and the greater benefits to the Investors. On the other hand, the close coordination between MEP and Architecture - Structure from the beginning will help to optimize the construction process, accelerate the progress and ensure both safety and quality.

The advantages of MEP by SOL E&C lies at:

1. Minimizing the amount of implementation time, significantly shortening construction progress.

2. The General Contractor’s responsibilities are clearly claimed in both Construction and MEP.

3. Minimizing total costs: Prelim cost and manpower optimization, therefore reducing the project management costs.



In the recent years, the Design & Build (D&B) model has always been the top choice of most Investors because of the absolute perfection in project implementation strategy, especially for large-scale projects. Applying the D&B model professionally, SOL E&C are going to increase project values, minimize costs, enhance quality and save time.

Working with D&B, we are committed to providing the Investors with outstanding values

1. Simplify the complicated yet risk-potential phases of the traditional construction process (Design - Bid - Construction).

2. Accelerate project progress by more than 30% with strict quality control and safety.

3. Improve the project brand as well as the unique selling points and optimize project capabilities.

4. Optimize costs and ensure financial security.

As the General Contractor, we are committed to bringing a huge number of outstanding and long-term benefits:


1. Shorten the progress with sole management contact point - SOL E&C, therefore increase the efficiency of cash flow for the Investors.

2. Optimize project management manpower costs.

3. Consult suitable construction methods and materials in accordance with capital resources.

4. Act proactively in all stages from project monitoring and coordinating to ensure the safety commitment and the quality of the whole project.


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