Dear our Valued Clients and Partners,

Established in 2015, SOL E&C Investment Construction Joint Stock Company has left a mark on the construction industry, having been a crucial part of huge numbers of industrial, civil and electromechanical projects nationwide. SOL E&C has been entrusted by many domestic and international clients and partners thanks to the professionalism and dedication of our experienced staff. We were honored as one of the TOP 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2021 and named as the fastest growing enterprise in the construction industry, according to VNR's FAST500 - 2022.

“Professionalism”, “Innovation”, “Passion” and “Respect” are four SOL E&C core values. Each value is concretized in words and deeds, as well as regularly nurtured inside our entire team to assure our clients the secure, quality and on-schedule projects. On the journey of creating the superiors, SOL E&C believes that with our strong team, together we can create a dynamic and creative working environment which attracts the best talents for individual and team capabilities development. 

“Your Success - Our Achievement”. That is the “magnetic” which paves the way for every action in SOL E&C. Listening to and understanding clients’ requirements, SOL E&C team proactively brings optimal solutions to meet both the technical and aesthetic aspects of the projects, resulting in higher efficiency than expected and therefore greater success for the Investors and Clients.

We highly appreciate all the opportunities to cooperate with our Valued Clients and Partners, with the aim of establishing a long-term business partnership. SOL E&C strongly believes and shares sustainable business values, hand in hand with Clients and Partners to create a better future with kindness and sincerity for our community and society.


General Director

Le Chi Trung




SOL E&C vision is to assert our position as one of the most prestigious general contractors in Vietnam and the region.


To initiate a generation of professional and talented staff who are nurtured in a terrific and creative working environment in order to create optimal and sustainable value for our Clients and Partners.

To establish our reputation by the sincerity, kindness and dedication in every cooperation opportunity and in each project entrusted by the Owners.

To contribute to the development of the construction industry and society with innovations in construction technology, environmental protection and by ensuring maximum safety for our Clients, Partners and workers on all the projects carried out by SOL E&C in the past, at present or in the future.

Mr. Duong is known as a pioneer architect in all progresses of Vietnam construction industry in general and contractors in particular for more than 30 years. Hundreds of large-scale and exceptional projects regarded as symbols of big cities have been built by him and his fellows with all the commitment, passion and enthusiasm.


As a visionary decisive leader with keen intelligence and sincerity above all, he has gained the trust and respect from Clients and Partners and the whole-hearted support from his staff.

Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology with more than 20 years of experience in construction industry and an assertive leadership style, Mr. Le Chi Trung was successful in many positions from Director of Construction Division, Director of Economic Division to General Director of leading private construction firms in Vietnam over the years.

Taking charge of General Director of SOL E&C, he determines to develop and promote the strength of a General contractor in designing, constructing, finishing and MEP (Mechanical – Electrical – Plumping). Ceaseless creativity and high requirements for staffs and products’ safety & quality are what he consistently cares about to build a prestigious organization, a professional team, a strong culture that drive SOL E&C to develop sustainably.

Previously in the position of General Director of F.D.C (later renamed to Newtecons) in the period of 2012 – 2018, Mr. Ngo Thanh Phong devised effective strategies that facilitate the company to score a success in the field of construction.

Graduated from Hanoi Architectural University, he is the kind of person who has open mindset and is always willing to promote creativity and collective strength to educate his team to be highly effective at work, thereby coming up with breakthrough solutions towards long-term customer relationships.

The achievement of safety, high-quality and on schedule project is SOL E&C commitment to clients. We constantly improve the management system, guarantee standards as prescribed in law, meet practical requirements and increase work efficiency.

There are 03 certificates of international standard that SOL E&C has received, which are ISO 9001 on quality management system, ISO 14001 on environmental management system and ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety management system. 

At all time, we emphasize the importance of establishing, operating and maintaining a professional Quality – Safety – Health and Environment management system to bring the best values to our clients, partners and employees.

Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 

Sustainable quality and global services that satisfy diversified and demanding clients, are controlled through a system of strict and scientific management processes according to international standards, combined with practical experience and in accordance with business principles and local law. 

Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001: 2018 

 Human is the focus of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System aligned with the international standard ISO 45001 which SOL E&C essentially applies for all business activities. Above all standards and priorities, SOL E&C regards safety as its non-negotiable value that nothing can be replaced even with compromise or trade-off. 

Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015

Sustainable business, resources optimality, practical action for the environment, daily habits and community connection are what SOL E&C concretizes by putting ISO 14001 environmental management standard into operation and completely complying with current legal regulations.



 SOL E&C appreciates this criterion, therefore we always put the mission of ensuring safety and well-being of our entire workforce and the relevant parties on the front burner during our operations. 

Investment safety knowledge training and enhancement for the team of safety specialists, supervising engineers and workers on-site is always emphasized and carefully implemented. 

We understand that the internal strength forms a solid foundation of all success, therefore one of our top priorities is to invest in human resources. Along with talent recruitment from the top universities nationwide, we constantly improve the professions and capabilities of our current employees through our assessment forms and internal training sessions. Every year, the human resource training plan is updated in accordance with the company’s development strategy, with the aim of building a dynamic team to confidently conquer bigger projects.

Understanding the core values  and the business philosophy of the Board of Directors, SOL E&C staff members are always eager to improve themselves in order to bring about higher efficiency and better work quality. We work as challenge conquerors with the motto of mutual respect and support to meet the success.

At SOL E&C, “People are the most valuable asset”.

“To develop our people, SOL E&C constantly builds a barrier-free and creative working environment for our employees.”

 SOL E&C builds our working environment based on the mutual respect, receptiveness and free sharing among all members. SOL E&C Big Family culture is instilled into every employee in our company. The previous generation will be the example, the inspirer and the guide for the next one.

SOL E&C team will never stop innovating to enhance the efficiency and quality of each project, including daily tasks. Everyday, every SOL E&C site is striving for improving their construction methods, every department is trying their best to develop new innovative products, every employee is determined to better solve the problems than they did yesterday. That is how we all together create a mechanism of continuous innovation and improvement, which makes us a huge competitive advantage in the market.


In order to bring Investors high quality project outcomes which are complied with international standards, SOL E&C has constantly upgraded our modern equipment system, synchronized warehouse management and equipment distribution to the site. For each project, we assigned equipment supervisors who are responsible for understanding the demand for each site equipment in order to timely develop a supply plan, control equipment use and return, storage documents and data, ensure information accuracy and increase financial efficiency. 

SOL E&C is confident in our financial potential and transparency in operations to satisfy Clients’ and Partners’ requirements in project implementation. With a charter capital of VND 305 billion and a revenue target of over VND 2 000 billion, SOL E&C has constantly improved our financial capability to accompany Investors in a variety of large-scale and high-class projects. 

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